History and News

18.06.2001 support for the DS1822 and DS18B20. (DS18B20 untested) Version 3a7

28.05.2001 Version 3a6 released (changed name completely to myTemp)

15.05.2001 Version 3a5 released

I think the 3a5 version brings enough advantages now, to give it a try. So I think everyone should prefer Version 3ax now.

07.05.2001 website review (Added pictures, part vendors)
Version 3a2 of MicroTemp is on the way. It has support for up to ten sensors, and handles the 85.00C DS18S20 error flag. Work has to be done for a Demo Version to be done. If you really want to read more than one sensor or if you have problems with 85.00C temperature samples, please contact me.

27.04.2001 I received some sensors today, which I ordered about three weeks ago. To my surprise they turned out to be DS18S20, while the printing on the cases is "DS1820". I could not resist to instantly try to get them to work and it really did. The value for gReadTime in Temp.c had to be changed from 500ms to 750ms, because the DS18S20 are a little slower than the DS1820. I fixed this in Version 2.6, which is available from the Download-Page.
Pre-Release-version 3a1, that I uploaded today will handle Hardware Buttons in the expected manner.

11.04.2001 Changed the name from Temp to myTemp, since some versions of the PalmOS Emulator POSE refuse to load an application with a "" in it's name. (Mine unfortunately does.) The PalmOS will not erase the old version, even though it has the same CreatorID as the one with the new name. (In fact there is no other difference than the different application names.) So you will have to erase the old version manually before you install the new one. Version 2.5

10.04.2001 website review

08.03.2001 Discovered a bug, with an overrun in the c2f() function (conversion between C and F. I discovered the bug, when I tried to get the temperature of the water, I cooked two pairs of sausages in. :-) It affects temperatures above 36.00C, 96.8F, where you suddenly will get a negative value. Changed to version 2.4

03.03.2001 released version 2.2 with some minor changes and bugfixes. A perl-script named comes with the zip file, which easily allows you to extract the MicroTemp Log from the MemoDB. Read the README-file for information how to use it.
You can downoad the file MicrolanLayout.tar.gz from the Download-Page. It contains the PCB-Layout for a Palm-MicroLan-Adapter, you can connect to your HotSync-Cable. Please read the README inside the tar-archive.

01.03.2001 added README text, perlscript to extract temperatures from memo database

28.02.2001 Release of version 2.0. MicroTemp 2.0 has the ability to transfer temperature-logs to memos, hot sync with the PC and then visualize them with e.g. gnuplot

25.02.2001 I received the SMD-Parts for MicroTemp today and built a first SMD-Prototype. It works quite well.

22.02.2001 Bugfix Palm did not Auto Off, when sample period was set to off

15.02.2001 Release of version 1.0 and Update to Version 1.1, Release of a demo version (contained in the Zip-Archiv)