myTemp - Hardware

interface for m100

This picture shows the interface for an Palm® m100. The connector is shown without the housing. The connector is delivered with the small PCB, to which the parts can be soldered easily.

interface for PC RS232 component side

Interface on a small board to connect it directly to a normal PC serial port. I use this for developing with the PalmOS® emulator (POSE).

interface for PC RS232 solder side

Solder side of the interface shown before.

pcb for VX

The same in SMD technology. It fits into the connector for a Palm®Vx.

connector for VX

Same as before mounted in the connector's housing.

assembled connectors

Two connectors with protective tube (made from aluminium) holding the DS1820 sensor. Left one is for a Palm®III,right one for a Vx.

ready connector

Connector for use with an Palm®III. Old DS1820 with the big housing.